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Design merging cultures

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Matapo in a nutshell

Bring colors to your lifestyle


Unique experience

All MaTaPo creations are hand-made. These Belgian designed creations and concepts, merging cultures and materials, blending ages and styles, bridging continents and spirits, result into a unique experience, where every item is different from the other.

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Our concept

Belgian design


MaTaPo was created in Belgium, in a spirit of innovation, dynamism and joy. All MaTaPo’s models and shapes are designed and manufactured in Belgium, to bring a fashionable touch to your home and to your personal accessories.

Merging Cultures


Lifestyle and fashion are worldwide, rich and diverse, as are its components. MaTaPo brings these together by merging the joyful colors of waxed fabrics, locally purchased on West and South African markets, and shapes them into contemporary concepts. MaTaPo’s design was inspired by African experience and is beautified by a selection of traditional fabrics and authentic materials

Blending ages


MaTaPo is new and old together. A mixture of styles from different times and ages, where used materials are given a second life, and where old-fashioned becomes stylish, … if not vintage!

Tailor made

Be as inspired as we are and dare bringing brightness in your life with an exclusive MaTaPo creation made of your favorite colors and patterns! 

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